Friday, October 15, 2010

The Inevitable

I did this only a few days after doing the dancer from the last post, but I've been so busy with work that I just haven't had time to put anything up, or draw many new things for that matter. I'm definitely surprised at how much better this came out than I originally thought. Seeing them side by side is a really good exercise for pointing out where I'm making my mistakes. With this guy there are pretty much only proportion errors that I can see. Though his cheeks are the correct size, his skull is a little smaller than Preston's. The hat isn't tipped as far forward in mine either. That's an important detail for looking like a tough guy. I made the arm and hand holding the nightstick too big and the other arm a tad too short. The whole body in general is slightly smaller than the original. The buttons are smaller on mine (left pic) and don't wrap around the body as neatly as the original (right). The belt buckle is bigger on mine and the shoes are smaller. The eye's on my drawing aren't as beady either. I still think it's a successful drawing despite the proportion problems. I give myself a 'B' for this one.

And so here is the inevitable. It was only a matter of time before I took a shot at a John K. design. This was definitely a hard one. Again, a lot of the proportions are off. Proportion seems to be my nemesis. The head on mine is too small. The body is too large in proportion. Also, some of my construction is off here which is frustrating. Ren's head is sort of jelly bean shaped in John's and pea shaped in mine. The nose is too stiff on my drawing and not floppy like the model. The lips on mine lack that sagging look and the whole thing seems stiffer than the model. I am happy with how the hands and feet turned out with mine. I'm surprised it came out as well as it did considering all the subtlety John K. can put in to a drawing, but then again I guess he's been doing it a lot longer than I have. C+ on this one.

So the journey continues. I think I need to move to a new phase in this learning process which is picking a character and learning to draw him/her in my own poses and I think that character is going to be Donald Duck. Donald has been a big inspiration to me during this time of learning; so much so that I've dedicated my latest sketch book to him, naming it "Oh phooey!" His cartoons are possibly my favorite to watch of all cartoons. The writing combined with the beautiful animation are hard to top by any standards. I especially enjoy how his subconscious can take hold of the plot and guide what we see and experience through his eyes.

Rocko, from Rocko's Modern Life, is another highly inspirational cartoon and I plan to do some studies of his construction as well.

See you then...