Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alrighty! Finally and update!

Whoa! Finally found a way to update without a scanner... i.e. digital camera! Sweet!

Most of these are made up drawings, not from any reference. I like the super happy guy at the very top. The fat guy in the middle looks hilarious, so I love that one. The big one of Donald on the bottom is from a model sheet reference. I think it turned out pretty good. I need to do some comparisons soon.

Here are some more non-reference drawings. The fat guy with another expression turned out better than I thought it might. I tried using my own construction for him in different expressions. The devil guy was another one of my own. That one was about wrapping details around the head. As was the really scared/embarassed guy on the bottom right. I'm not really sure what expression that's supposed to be.. That's bad.. The Donald is again from reference. Not bad.

Some not so impressive personal constructions. The big Donald is my own attempted expression based on memory of the referenced small Donald at the bottom which I drew second. He's laughing a lot harder in my memory attempt.

Here I started moving towards drawing more female heads which I realized I hadn't done much of yet. What I really need to do is do more body constructions. These females turned out kind of okay though. The important aspect I was going for here was appeal...

These sexy lady drawings were from reference in the P. Blair book. The one at the top I did last. That's probably why it looks the best. This is a hard subject.. this character has a lot of very subtle squash and stretch in her features as she sings. Hardest of all was capturing the seductive look of every movement. My drawings don't really do justice to what's in the book.

If you don't get the look from the eyes right, then the appeal is totally lost. You can see it in my first drawing at the right. It was also interesting to come to understand the construction of this character. Even after my last drawing at the top I still don't feel like I have it down perfect. The hair was a bitch to get right also. Eventually, I'd like to do a few full body drawings. Should be a good challenge..

So I feel like I'm starting to get a good handle on drawing solid heads. It's time to draw some more full body figures. Til next time!


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