Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Couple new things

So I'm working on a reality tv show right now, so I'm finding it hard to find time to update while working 12 hours a day! Anyway, I'm trying to draw during whatever down time I have during the day. Also, I finally got a copy of the Preston Blair book from a very awesome person... You know who you are.

So first up are some Squash and Stretch sketches from the original Preston Blair book. (The new one has new drawings which I have.) A lot of these are not bad. I'm finding that my biggest foe in drawing these is proportion so I'm going to try and find some exercises to work on that.

These drawings are some of the new ones... I think the one at the top left is the best drawing I've done with the Preston Blair practice since I started. The proportions turned out good and the lining and clean up turned out really nice. I was smart enough to draw these all a lot bigger than I normally draw which was helpful as well. The other two turned out pretty well also, although they are unfinished. I need to start putting up more comparison blogs now that I have so many drawings. Next up I hoping to compare the Donald Duck drawings from my previous posts.

Here's a little treat. It's a cartoon based on myself. I'm hoping to be able to use this as a basis for the cartoon I'm planning with the Rob character I've posted before.

This last one is a mish-mash of a bunch of different sketches. A lot of them are using the skull construction that I've been playing with. I also practiced some cartoon hands here and tried to do an angry Donald from memory. I think it turned out alright. The main attraction on this page was an attempt at a full body drawing of a character, the cat, that is. Drawing a full body cartoon character and making it look solid and correct is a lot harder than I expected it could be. I'm hoping that as I come to understand line of action this stuff will get easier.

Well, wish I had more but that's all for now. I'm gonna try to get those Donald comparisons up next time, but until then, here's the link to the page I found the Donald model sheets on so you can look for yourself if you're really that interested. Haha!


Scroll a little bit more than halfway down the page and you should find it.


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