Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Donald and introducing some preliminaries...

So I've been doing some more Donald studies because it's a hell of a lot of fun. Hopefully it's not a bad idea, but I've started to develop a character of my own as go through the lessons, mostly for fun.

Here's some standing Donald poses... in all their awkward, unbalanced glory... I thought they were good at first, but then realized how off they were. You might notice that Donald on the left is sort of hanging forward a bit. Donald Right is drooping to the right a bit. The clean up was really messy on these too.

A bit of an improvement here. Donald is standing upright. A big improvement from the first in construction and line of action. However, my hand seems to be terribly unsteady when trying to line these. If you look at the close-ups it's more apparent. I need to find something to practice for that. Still, a good improvement.

This one didn't turn out too bad. My one major complaint is that I constructed the head too wide and hence his eyes are too far apart. The eye on the left doesn't look like it's attached in the right spot because of that. The line of action is pretty good, I think.. Body construction is pretty good too.

Now the really fun stuff.. These are the earliest preliminaries of a character based off of the Rob cartoon sketches I posted before. I did a bunch of sketches that I'm too ashamed of to put up here, but they helped me get to the next page.

So here's the first draft of the character from head on, side view and expression. The one from head on is probably the best of them. I like it the most. The one from the side looks like a South Park character and therefore needs to be changed. I just need to rotate his head and bit and do a 3/4 profile. The last one has a maniacal smile and a wily eyed look. But something is wrong about the nose. It seems to be in the wrong place or something.. Also, the points in the cheeks make him a little scary.. I'm not sure that was the intention.

Well, I'm going to be reworking these a bit and it will hopefully lead to a cartoon. Also I'm going to get back to doing the Blair lessons!


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