Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donald Duck and heads!

Ok so I was on JohnK's blog looking for inspiration and I caught this Donald Duck model sheet and couldn't resist..

I picked all of the harder head positions and did two expressions... The head positions were much easier than the expressions. Also, I tried drawing first with an HB and then attempted smooth, dark lining with a 6B. The clean up was a little messy for most of them. Especially the last expression. I probably looked a lot like Donald after drawing that. That expression is deceivingly hard.

Next, I'm going to move on to body positions for Donald so I can learn to draw him using my own poses.

A lot of this is practice with head construction. You'll note the Donald heads here as well. Another attempt at lining, this time with pen. I find that I don't have a very steady hand when trying to do this.. My strokes aren't relaxed and it shows.

So there's a few squash and stretch bits from lesson two of the animation course. I'm going to do more of those tomorrow. I really like the deranged looking dude. He was designed using the head and jaw construction and turned out pretty good. The hand is awful unfortunately, but it's still an exciting expression. The hand looks like it might fall off though. The generic cat is reminiscent of the Rocko stuff from the other day. Not super amazing..

I'll need to start doing the side by side comparisons for the animation course. Here's more info on that: http://www.animationarchive.org/2006/05/media-preston-blairs-animation-first.html

alright! back to drawing!


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