Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Human Studies!

So this is less John K lessons and more human studies.. but there's a little cartoonage in here.

So you probably recognize the ugly guy.. that's me. Also, my buddy, Rob, got me some Rocko's Modern Life episodes so I've had some new inspiration. These drawing are all pretty raw. Heffer's head is set too low on his body. Rocko's giant eyes are kinda wobbly and my one eye is lazy or something..

My self portrait was a culmination of these human skull studies. I'm really trying to step up my drawing skill in all facets. I have a couple more pages that look a lot like this, but it's all the same and kind of boring. This is what my practice looks like. I came to find that the best way to construct a human skull is by first drawing a circle representing the cranium. This covers the top of the skull to just below the nose. Next I draw lines wrapping around the circle to visualize the third dimension of depth. There's a North to South line (straight through the face and back of the head) and a East to West line (straight through both ears). These lines cross at the top and bottom of the cranium. From the East to West line, I extend a jawbone line that completes the head. The neck attaches to the base of the cranium and underneath the jawbone. Hey, I learned something! Blog accomplished!

Well, I wouldn't go that far...


Seriously... I drew his wiener and everything!

Ok, you asked for it...

So he's carrying a big heavy box.. and I'm not talking his junk... The giant weighted box he has in hand is for offsetting his balance and exposes different muscles that wouldn't normally be visible. As I was drawing this I was cursing myself for how awful it was, but once it was done I thought it didn't look half bad. That means it's only half good. I really need to learn to draw bigger and sharpen my pencils so I can fit in all the little details instead ranting and raving. I need to take a note of advice from an article I read that talks about how drawing should remain fun; that's the reason anyone does it in the first place. It helps.

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